This shampoo is excellent at removing impurities from hair. The White Charcoal absorbs all dirt and excess oil and leaves hair perfectly clean.


For normal and oily hair.

Size: 250 ml, 250 g


An invigorating cleanse for your hair, Shiro Shampoo smells deliciously earthy and smokey. Soon you will find yourself addicted to the awakening sensation on your scalp and the fresh scent in your hair.


Suitable for fine, dry or normal hair.

Size: 250 ml, 250 g

Please allow two weeks for delivery.

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  • February 24, 2016 - February 26, 2016
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  2. Kaci Craig Perry @kacilp7177

    so much for the "more info" on this's in german.....or something!

  3. Joshua Peachy @Bibidibop "New Kuro and Shiro shampoos The Kuro shampoo The black shampoo has granular activated carbon as its main ingredient. The activated carbon is known for its ability to cleanse and adsorb impurities. This shampoo is particularly suitable for normal / oily hair. The Shiro shampoo The white shampoo has char essence as its main ingredient. The charcoal essence is a byproduct of the Kishu Binchotan production, is disinfectant and also adds the characteristic smoky aroma, which is the Sort of Coal signature scent. This shampoo is particularly suitable for normal / dry hair." Smoky smelling hair sounds fun, or I could just hang out at a good BBQ place.

  4. Kyle Cordiano @imkyleee

    look really sweet. not dropping almost $50 on shampoo

  5. Jessica Parker @Jezzpark


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$35 · Kuro & Shiro Shampoo by Sort of Coal

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