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  2. Lisa Sutherland-Fraser @Carmilla5

    Not cool, first of all gross factor having an animals' penis as a piece of jewellery and I do not appreciate dead parts of wild animals showing up on Fancy. What if it was Fido's penis, would we all be so happy to see it on your arm?

  3. Debora Jasper @deborajasper

    Wow, if no animal was hurt or killed in the process of someone trying to generate capital, what is wrong with that? The hypocrisy in this country is rampant and abundant. Some of us condone killing animals for consumption of their skin and flesh.

  4. Locomelon @locomelon

    Kinda disturbing

  5. MonAmour Collection @MonAmourcollection

    Kind of weird looking. Your better off following me.

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Coyote Bone Bracelets by Ayaka Nishi

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