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  2. Peter Batarseh @peterbatarseh

    "IF" this is a serious product, at least they should run the power supply conduit hidden behind the wall.

  3. Ryden Rizzo @alliedmaker

    Hi @peterbatarseh, If you view the rest of the images ( goo.gl/vqA4S ) what you do not see here are the rare earth magnets and the brass hinge. It's meant to hold your power supply while allowing you to easily take it out – for when you need the cord to go. It's not meant to be hard-wired into the wall (although that is an interesting idea). It's simply a handmade accessory made from high quality materials that keeps your charger from falling on the floor, and gives your iPhone a place to rest.

  4. iCorkCase - The perfect match for your iPad. Designed specifically for each model, iPad2 and newiPad @pommdesign

    Logical and functional. I like.

  5. Haroon Saleemi @haroonsaleemi

    Def need this.

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iPhone 5 Shelf by Allied Maker

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