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  2. Josh Fields @partiallypro

    Agree with the message or not, the design of the poster is genius, which is what the focus should be. Especially since people like -me- who come to the website to get design inspiration, along with finding neat little nick-nacks and stylish items for my wardrobe, home, etc.

  3. Achille PERRIN @Achwip

    partiallypro is exactly right!!! I'm kinda getting sick of all the people criticizing things on Fancy, and it's not only on this poster, but on lots of other stuuf. Stop saying the object won't work or that it can't work! Have you tried it? NO! So quiet, because someone behind the object designed it, and designers aren't morrons, they don't design things for them not to work!!! If you don't like the poster, than don't fancy it, end of story!

  4. Patrick Effenberger @nelsonkecki74

    Just perfect.......

  5. Tijan Sow @teej94

    Such a good saying <3

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