Here's what Felix Klein had in mind back in 1882, when he first dreamed of a closed, one-sided surface. It's elegantly curved, with a side loop making a transverse puncture at the nexus. An Acme Classical Klein Bottle is big enough to show to a classroom, yet slides easily into your backpack for trips across the Yukon.

With its center of gravity directly over its base, your Acme Classical Klein Bottle stands on its own -- no need for extraneous stands, complex levitation apparatus, or unreliable anti-gravity fields. Indeed, in the absence of external forces, its polhode rolls without slipping on the herpolhode lying in the invariable plane.

Unlike those inferior 4-dimensional Klein Bottles, you can fill your ACME Klein Bottle with water! An ordinary wine bottle cork fits the mouth, so you can completely fill the reservoir and side arm with no leakage.

- Height 190 mm (7 inches) (plus or minus 15 mm)
- Diameter 95 mm (3 3/4 inches) (plus or minus 10mm)
- Weight: 190 gm (7 oz) (plus or minus 25 gm)
- Nominal volume 350 ml (12 fluid ounces)
- Actual volume 0.0 ml (0 fluid ounces) (plus or minus 13 ml)
- Fully calibrated with a removable decal
- Includes Acme's quality topologial and physical features

Because these are handmade, no two glass Klein Bottles are identical. One may be slightly taller, thinner, or might have slightly different curves

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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$65 · Klein Bottle

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