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  1. Annie Decamp @Adecamp

    Athena And Major Tom Cruising San Francisco

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  2. Barbara @Babipippy

    Beautiful couple!!!❤❤

  3. tim kirkland @thkirkland

    Looks like my dog oh it is

  4. Tame Howard @tamehoward

    My grandson received one 4 Christmas, & he has been the best dog possible 4 him. He just turned 6 & has SPD. Since they might be clingy 2 a pet part of the time, but mostly can't handle up in ur face animals. Especially if they become larger than the child. Animals chosen have 2 have just the right personality 4 people w/SPD 2 bond with. Since he can't jump up on his boy from a fairly young age, say 4 mnths or so, His boy isnt quite so intimidated by his size (weight) plus the fact he is so laid back. (Not all up in ur face kinda spastic type dog.) So he is making 4 a perfect fit with him. He is just so laid back, not pushing 2 much 2 play, yet is well rested & completely ready whenever his boy is ready 2 play.  Even though he is still very young, he seems 2 noe right about the same time his boy realizes he has had enough interaction 4 the time being. So maybe follows my grandson, a bit after that  but never becomes active towards him again unless he gets a cue from my grandson.  Very awesome & smart breed of dog!

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