Sharper than a fresh phonograph needle and smoother than the hull of a racing yacht, this is a writing instrument defined by grace. The octagonal shape and balanced weight carries nicely on your fingers. Its built to fit comfortably in your pocket, purse or briefcase and tuned to sign your name, scribble a note or write a letter with a seamless, timeless stroke. The barrel and cap of the pen are made from solid aluminum, so it's hefty but not heavy. The cap screws on, so no matter how much the pen jostles in your bag or pocket, the cap will never fall off and leave the nib to leak a puddle of ink.

The spade-shaped tip (or nib) of the fountain pen is of critical importance. How the nib interacts with the ink and the paper determines how smoothly air will flow in while ink flows out, allowing clean, skip-less strokes to glide across the page.

To get this clean, smooth line Kaweco made the nib from steel and iridium a very strong metal in the platinum family. The nibs are hand crafted and tuned in Heidelberg, Germany, where steel work is held to exacting standards. The metal parts make for a writing instrument that is as lustrous and attractive on the outside as it is precise inside.

The Kaweco Sport fountain pen comes with a blue ink cartridge; refills are available in six packs of black or blue.

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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$77 · Kaweco Sport Aluminum Fountain Pen

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