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  2. Andrei Tintea @andreitintea


  3. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    + hairball: great idea, bookstack! Less costly too. + dennisabr: some environs 'bench' works best, depends on venue setup. @marcia48 & @lovethisshit: point very well made indeed! KUDOS! All-n-all every players needs vary! But many musicians feel no urgent need n my music players network. Personally, feel its a 'good' idea for those it can work for.

  4. Lamarcus A Smith @Lamarcus

    like realy. wats the point of this?????

  5. Johnathan I. Lefebvre @johnathanlefebvre

    for those who arent coordinated enough to use star power on rock band

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