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  2. Pj @twelwe

    Live there...awesome piece of engineering!

  3. francis @doghair

    YOu will find that Dubai and the rest of the UAE is a disaster in poor city planning....this building is a great example of why the Arab people are revolting against their rulers....this is one large Falic symbol to the ruling sheik of the day...

  4. Shaikha @aldkhan

    @doghair loool u have no idea what u r talking about, I am emarati (emarite is the country, dubai is a city incase u dno knu) n we adore our rulers :) we have everything provided for us, starting from education, health and protection and we are one of the luckiest people on earth ;)

  5. Katja Nikulina @anneofhanworth

    @doghair check your facts before writing. aldkhan is completely right (i am not emirati but been there lots of times)

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Burj Khalifa Tower @ Dubai

Fancy 1,438
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