Out of all the various flavors of Monopoly you could own, this one takes the cake. (Speaking of cake, Bowser's use of the Trojan Birthday Cake to steal away Peach in Super Mario Wii- Very evil.) Gone are the property names from New Jersey, replaced with your favorite Nintendo characters, grouped mostly by game. Collect Samus Aran, Ridley, and Metroid to complete the orange set, or Link, Zelda and Ganondorf to complete the green. Power-up your characters and build them toward being invincible. Zip your star past go, collect your $200 and drive your friends into bankruptcy.

But we hear ya. You're sayin', "Monopoly takes FOREVER! I wanna kill my family members by the third hour! Mario isn't going to make it any better!" (Gosh, you're loud and demanding.)Nintendo Monopoly comes with Speed Play rules that keep the game fast and fun. So not only does Nintendo-izing it make it better, it makes it as speedy as Mario when he's high on invincibility star.

Product Specifications

-Customized game board features iconic characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Star Fox, and Wario

-Familiar, traditional Monopoly game play

-2-6 players, ages 8+

-Player tokens include Mushroom, Star, Master Sword, Samus' Helmet, Pikmin's Rocket, and Gyroid

-Properties are Nintendo characters, buy power-ups and invincibility instead of houses and hotels

-Block and Coin Block cards replace the Chance and Community Chest cards

-60 minute speed play rules included - no more 5 hour Monopoly games!

-Product Dimensions: 1.4 x 10.1 x 20.1 inches

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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$40 · Nintendo Monopoly

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