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  2. maddad @sportloto86

    Can't you just appreciate engineering and work while looking at the weapon? Fancy is for what you fancy. I don't like or care for handbags or hipster looks fancy'd on here but I don't comment/attack ones who do. Can any of anti weapon commenters design similar piece of machinery? You know you can kill another living soul with almost anything. What about cars? Cars kill people too. Lets comment against cars. They also kill our planet. Oh but they are so beautiful. Just look at the design. Look at those curves...

  3. Tunde @tunde

    You can people with many other things, but guns like these are designed solely for that purpose.

  4. Artur Dymko @archiart

    I dont like this keltec. Looks like a toy

  5. Bryan Denehy @Bryden76

    Yeah, self defense which is a basic human right.

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Kel Tec SUB-2000

Fancy 151
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