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  1. roberto maggio @theheartdirector

    100% of proceeds go to Occupy Sandy to help in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

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  2. Erik Stewart @erikstewart

    natnat, I don't agree to their intention here. poor idea. there are ways to contribute to the benefit by making a donation in which we did.

  3. Myaleandro @myaleandro


  4. Tatsuya @Takizawa

    great idea, good way to remember, but you're not making it affordable for citizens of New York

  5. amy @unknownamy13

    comming from an artist, most artwork is underpriced if you were to assign about $10 an hour to it. measuring, cutting, sanding, staining and assembling this table would take a lot longer than 15 hours. a higher price could also push this into the "fine art" category, bringing the people who CAN afford it into the relief efforts. besides, I like it!

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Hurricane Sandy Debris Furniture @ Reclaim NYC

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