The ScreenSavrz for iMac protects your display and case from dust, soiling, fingerprints, etc when not in use.

Also cleans and polishes your screen or case anytime without sprays or wet wipes.

And if your display has already taken a hit, simply dampen ScreenSavrz with water and polish away any existing scuffing you might have.

Constructed from RadTech's exclusive, super soft and ultra tough Optex fabric - a non-woven, ultra-thin (0.6mm thick) advanced polishing fabric.

Allows you to safely clean the screen or any surface of your computer or display.

So thin, soft and supple they quickly and easily stow practically anywhere.

This lightweight and breathable Optex display protector is convenient, practical and extremely effective. Does not obstruct iMac's ventilation ports.

Material: Optex Super60
Material Thickness: 0.6mm
Weight: 27 - 64g

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

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$39 · iMac Screen Cover by RadTech

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