Unless you're looking to tote around raw chicken, it isn't wise to throw this Companion Cube into the incinerator. And, even if you were trying to cook some raw chicken, we still wouldn't suggest throwing this into the incinerator. After all, you wouldn't even be able to get the chicken out! Go find yourself one of those delicious Peruvian chicken places instead.

The Portal Companion Cube Lunch Tote understands that you don't need much protecting in the real world; there aren't any turrets, giant red buttons that need pressing, or trans-dimensional falls to be shielded from. So, he's there to guard your lunch from squishing, squashing, and even the dreadfully frightening squooshing.

This soft-sided lunch tote provides an adorable place to keep your foods safe and fresh. It's apparent, at the end, that Companion Cube survived the incinerator so it could be at your party, but again, even if there's raw chicken that needs cooking, do not -- we repeat, do not! -- throw it in the incinerator. It will not show up at your party for cake.

Product Specifications:

Soft-sided lunch tote for fans of Portal 2

Protects all your foods with love

Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible

Does not survive fire, so don't burninate

Love your tote: Surface wash with a damp cloth

Dimensions: 8" x 8"

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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$20 · Portal Companion Cube Lunch Tote

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