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  2. armin javan @arminjavan

    its only a watch. if you have enough money then you can buy it!

  3. Neo Flange @gilval

    I agree with @Caleb32 and some of both @bhayes444 and @ash_gilmore I understand selling art, and its lifestyle. I'm a mechanical engineer and freelance artist. And it's not like this was created only by one single guy. And the labor disnt take years on end to create this. Doctors barely pull in 300,000 a year. No argument that these guys do as much as a doctor. Being on call 24/7. dealing with the stress. They're simple designers just like me. It's obviously extremely overpriced the material used in this aren't even a quarter of that. It's about 90% profit. But if someone has the money that's fine. But it's a little stupid for people to give their hard earned money to a chump who sat at a desk for a couple of hours.

  4. Neo Flange @gilval

    Please ignore my typos. My phone has a mind of its own, and I was in the zone lol.

  5. TUGCE SENGUN♡İZMİR @tugcenksengun

    @eyelinerandciggarettes PERFECT★★☆★★

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