1. Mara Segal @Utique

    a 99¢ polaroid of any over-priced product in the Partners & Spade store (packaging included).

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  2. Nat Turner @nattyt

    what the F is this? "oh..... i would've bought you this if i wasnt so poor so heres a picture instead!" i would poo in the box then wipe my ass with the photo and send it back to them first class tracked post if someone gave this to me.

  3. Ross Camacho @Rxcamacho

    Hahaha. Shouldn't all of these just be pictures of someone giving u the finger?

  4. Julie Adolph @colormethere

    My friends would get it...love the idea.

  5. Andrew Lester @biglester87

    I think the picture of a moped is just like giving u the finger

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99¢ Product Polaroids

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