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  2. Lynne C Ferguson @lynnecferguson

    Haha - I thought that too: not a genius at marketing?! or maybe they are: "this is the....!" (in a good way)..?!

  3. keith hegstad @keithhegstad

    I am so getting this on my next paydate!

  4. Mike @mross89

    Great headphone amp/DAC combo. Works great for my Sennheiser HD600 and Hifiman HE-400. For the price it doesn't get better than these two.

  5. Michael Nguyen @mikenike

    The name is a conversation piece, that's for sure. It's a reflection of their tongue-in-cheek humor. @doomblaz, the price is for just the Magni.

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Magni Headphone Amplifier by Schiit

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