Backlit Polaroids by Polaboy

A few years ago a renaissance of the Polaroid photograph beganand people began to take an interest in retrography. This fascinationstems from a deep yearning for old values, warmth and feel and theimperfect, real and familiar. It is no surprise that this longing for authenticity and permanence has emerged at a time of rapidly acceleratingchange, when digital images are practically ubiquitous.

Tradition is the foundation on which the POLABOY is based, combinedwith cutting edge LED technology and consistent product design.

With the POLABOY we capture personal moments which have irrevo-cably passed, thus immortalising the ethereal in timeless design.Snapshots become works of art to be rewarded with our deepestappreciation.

The frame for a small piece of eternity.

Thickness 20 mm, energy-saving leD

Area light, 5,000 lumens,

12 volts, 45 watts. Wooden frame.

Please allow 2 months for shipping

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$1,600 · Backlit Polaroids by Polaboy

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