These limited edition versions of two of Casio's most popular watch series, G-Shock and Baby-G, have been created with romance in mind. It comes as no surprise then that the name is Lover's Collection, available in a white or black set of G-Shock (for men) or a Baby-G (for girls) watch.

You get a pair of the same chic color, one for your partner and one for yourself, a great present for a couple (weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day). Even the box is a romantic heart shape!

The Casio G-Shock Baby-G Lover's Collection features:

Versions: G-Shock LOV-12A (white), Baby-G LOV-12A (white), G-Shock LOV-12B (black), Baby-G LOV-12B (black)

Choose which color you would like. You get a pair of the G-Shock AND the Baby-G watch in each box!

Sizes: 55 x 51.2 x 16.9mm (2.2 x 2 x 0.7") (G-Shock LOV-12A), 43.4 x 43.1 x 15mm (1.7 x 1.7 x 0.6") (Baby-G LOV-12A), 53.2 x 50 x 16.9mm (2.1 x 2 x 0.7") (G-Shock LOV-12B), 49.1 x 45 x 13.5mm (1.9 x 1.8 x 0.5") (Baby-G LOV-12B)

Weight: c.73g (2.6 oz) (G-Shock LOV-12A), c.44g (1.6 oz) (Baby-G LOV-12A), c.67g (2.4 oz) (G-Shock LOV-12B), c.47g (1.7 oz) (Baby-G LOV-12B)

Water-resistance: 20 bars (Baby-G LOV-12A: 10 bar)

Shock resistance

Functions: stopwatch, world time (except G-SHOCK LOV-12B), multi-alarm, timers

Power: CR1220 battery (Baby-G LOV-12A: SR726W x2)

Please allow two weeks for shipping.

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$1,100 · Casio G-Shock Baby-G Lover's Collection

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