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  2. Jim Thorpe @punkassjim

    If you're viewing this in the Fancy app, just tap the photo and select "more info". It'll take you to my Etsy shop. If you're seeing it on the Fancy website, there's a big link that says "Buy It".

  3. Stephen Long @Longsongs

    I love this so much. Just trying to decide if I can afford it and if I need the 'foldiness' of the smart cover or not.

  4. Jim Thorpe @punkassjim

    I use mine with a TwelveSouth Compass stand. But the Apple smart cover is also great.

  5. Brad schick @HICSFH222

    I love it. Maybe silver or gold foiled lettering would be a neat option.

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Electric Library Smart Cover for iPad 2

Fancy 556
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