ROK is a manual, non-electric espresso maker which is made from polished, high quality aluminium.

Not only does it look good but it is also environmentally friendly as the only power required is to heat the water as needed for an espresso.

Perfect for use at home or for holiday homes, caravans or on boats.

The pressure required to make the espresso is achieved with the lowering of the lever arms.

The process of lowering the arms traps air and forces water through the ground coffee at a high pressure.

All you need to do is:

1- Bring some water to the boil
2- Place coffee in the steel filter/portafilter
3- Pour the boiling water into the chamber at the top
4- Raise the arms to let the water filter through
5- Lower the lever arms to brew your espresso.

Manual, non-electric espresso maker

Made from polished, high quality aluminium

Strengthened alloy formulation

Creates cafe style coffee in the comfort of your own home

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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$200 · ROK Espresso Maker

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