We love treats with special surprises inside. Chocolates filled with peanut butter, biscuits stuffed with cheese, boxes stuffed with cash money. But mostly, we love cake. We're pretty good at baking a standard box cake, but the fancy stuff has eluded us... until now!

Sweetheart Filled Cake Pans make you look like a master baker with next to zero additional effort or skill. Simply bake your cake recipe in the two molded pans, let it cool, fill the insides with something delicious, put the two halves together and frost as normal. Make a cake full of ice cream, fruit, mousse, bacon, whatever you like. And if you're having a party to celebrate a geekling-to-be, you can dye your heart-shaped filling to match the baby's gender for the big reveal! Don't forget to send us your Action Shots so we can see your culinary creations!

Product Specifications

Make a cake with a heart-shaped filling inside

Bake Companion Cake, Valentine's Cake, Twooo Wuv Cake

Patented recessed design creates a heart-shaped space to fill

Premium non-stick coating lets cake unmold perfectly from the pan

Filling ideas: Ice cream, fruit, mousse, bacon...

Set includes: two pans, bonus recipe book, complete instructions

Materials: Non-stick steel

Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.75 pans (two of them!)

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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$20 · Sweetheart Filled Cake Pans

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