More than 60 years after its first debut, the Upholstered Fiberglass Armchair with Rocker Base has returned with a new, more eco-friendly presence.

When Charles & Ray Eames designed their first Molded Fiberglass Shell Chairs in 1950, they designed more than a chair. They designed a full experience: chairs that would be welcoming, versatile and would stand the test of time. Unveiled at NeoCon 2013, the highly anticipated, revamped Eames Fiberglass Chairs are produced in a new material, from a proprietary process that works for the planet while honoring the legacy of the original Eames' designs.

The Upholstered Armchair with Rocker Base is offered in a new fiberglass finish featuring the same surface striation that has attracted avid vintage collectors for decades. It is available in reformulated color pigments reproducing the series' original color options from the 1950s, and can be upholstered in a selection of finely tailored Hopsak fabrics designed by Alexander Girard.

Seat and back are formed of a single piece of molded fiberglass with arms and waterfall edges.

Updated design now layers on supportive foam padding using a safer, greener adhesive that allows for easier disassembly when the chair is ready to be reupholstered or recycled.

Produced with a fully revamped manufacturing process that translates to a fiberglass material constructed in a less volatile, monomer-free "dry bind" process.

Fiberglass features vintage reformulated color pigments and surface striation indicative of the material.

25"W X 24"D X 27.5"H
Seat Height: 16.25"H

Please allow 8-12 weeks for shipping.

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$910 · Upholstered Molded Fiberglass Rocker by Eames

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