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  2. Philip Agerskov @FNsoldier

    cool :) (don't want it ) ;)

  3. Aljamaal @TheBeauty_AD


  4. Jimmy Pearson @jimmypearson1

    good idea, if it works well enough. I have a record player at home, I love vinyl.

  5. Stoned Soul Urban/Ambrosia Soul Jewelry @StonedSoulUrban

    Vinyl records are classic beauty, mixed in with nostalgia and they turn me on. I love classic things like record players and vinyls. We now live in a digital age that's making classic simplicity become obsolete. In my book, simplistic-classic-nostalgia, will always be a part of our present day. If it weren't for vinyl and record players, we wouldn't have cd's, digital downloads, iTunes, pandora and turn-tables. Music lives on and will continue to find new outlets to reach us. We must not forget where we came from, because it helps us see where we're going ;)

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ION Duo Deck Turntable with Cassette Deck

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