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  1. Ari David @LLKoOLReL

    by Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

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  2. G V @gvizzle

    @kdun13. I hope so too...scary

  3. Joyce Wagner @jw231

    If you go to the information, you'll see that they changed the name to Hot Toddy, which is definitely a more appealing name. I think the idea was that it was something to eat when you are sick, but it was a bad choice.

  4. Chiyo Chan @ChiyoChan

    wow you guys are idiots lol it's for getting over the flu. I swear, only people with brains should be allowed to comment.

  5. marie levario @mlev6

    Need this now!!! I'm so sickly :'(((

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Influenza Sorbet Pint

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