1. Jesse Peyronel @Jesse

    Bansky in NO

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  2. Nigelappleton @nigelapp

    Banksy doesn't just do black and white. Don't believe me? Look at his website. Www.banksy.co.uk.

  3. Cam Mcmeikan @neon1

    Not banksy though is it

  4. natalia camicia @blackmailingflyingpigs

    Oh for frig sake. You realise I get a notif and my tablet makes an annoying noise every time someone carries on this pointless argument?! IT IS SUPERFLUOUS WHETHER THIS IS BANKSY OR NOT, JUST APPRECIATE THE DAMNED ARTWORK.

  5. natalia camicia @blackmailingflyingpigs

    * also, replace superfluous for beside the point, or something of the like, as I have just realised this is not really the right context. :)

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