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  2. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    KUDOS! U Got It! @jmore716. Fashioned like the pistillia of millions of species of flowers that bees use to help propagate other plants that sustain our precious Earth. Actually, very insightful & creative thinking within this design! A designer with a 'naturalist' viewpoint! ...... Luv the red rocket! The wall color and wire box crates too! ...... A good buy for just right wall location & moderne decor with 'naturalist' accent's. ...... Light & dark beige tones with creamy off-white & brown & burnt red accents in furniture & drapes would work great with this. Then Add: antiqued Horse pictures (black/white etchings or beige-toned), Framed Botanic Prints (leaves, foilage, beige-y/green's/burnt reds, orange-y), seashells, neutral glassbeads, neutral colored metallic candleholders,etc. to make this lamp a true decor winner!

  3. Dari. @dairyleadunkerr


  4. Jamie. H @plainlymoi

    Does it come with the spaceship :)

  5. Arin Jean @tnaschott

    Funky! Love all the shadows!

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Pistillo Wall Lamp

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