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  2. Nen-zi© @Nenzi

    I wish it wasn't a Givenchy. The brand spoils the design.

  3. Alexander @amaka

    @nenzi just be quiet. Stick with top shop, it's more your style.

  4. Nen-zi© @Nenzi

    @amaka Oh really?! It's not about style, the bag seems very nice. It's about (any) brand putting there name on articles. Don't want to walk around like an advertisement. Not with bags. A sophisticated brand doesn't need that.

  5. Alexander @amaka

    @nenzi er..... That sounds awesome, I guess. Enjoy that lame philosophy . I don't think the fancy is about exposing brand slaves, it's more about recognizing great taste and, if givenchy release a great bag it's only because the creative director behind it has great taste. Think out of the box next time. Douche (such a great word-I didnt design it tho!)

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Givenchy Medium Antigona Duffel Bag

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