Misfit Shine is an elegant, all-metal activity tracker that you can sync with your smartphone just by placing it on your phone screen. Find out how active you are every day, and set goals to become more active. Wear it how you want, wherever you want.

Misfit Shines proprietary sensor algorithms can track cycling and swimming in addition to just steps so youll get more credit where credit is due. To see how active you've been throughout the day, simply tap Shine and a halo of lights shines through invisible micro-holes, laser drilled into the metal casing.

Misfit Shine was made to last a lifetime and designed to complement any fashion statement. Carved out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, it is super strong and waterproof.

Its tiny, and at just several millimeters thick, is one of the worlds thinnest wireless activity trackers so it can be worn just about anywhere, even when wearing next to nothing. Clip it on your pants, bra, shirt, or shoes. Or use the wristband and wear it on your wrist where it can function as a watch too.

Misfit Shine is just slightly larger than a quarter and weighs less than two of them.

Key Features:

Elegant: a tiny all-metal disc with a beautiful halo of lights

Precious: precision crafted like jewelry to be worn on any occasion

Smart: more than just steps - tracks swimming and biking too

Goal-driven: tap to see progress towards your daily activity goal

Bold design: no buttons, no cables, no recharging

Amazing sync: just place it on your smartphone and it syncs, even in airplane mode

Wearable: on your wrist, shoe, ankle, bra, hip, as a brooch, wherever you want

Super-strong: carved out of a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum and is waterproof

Timeless: built to last a lifetime, designed to complement any fashion statement

Personal: set your own goals, visualize data, and get insights tailored for you

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$100 · Shine Activity Tracker

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