This eye-catching chess set in African padauk and ebony is the most beautiful wood combination creating a striking contrast of colors.

Named for the Duke of Wellington whom defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

The Wellington blends contemporary and traditional Staunton design resulting in a truly unique chess set from every angle. The knights are extraordinary with finely carved detail including the mane, eyes, ears, nostrils, and teeth. The other pieces are equally impressive with beautiful profiles and shapes. The lathe work is remarkable with compound collars and eloquent lines perfectly turned into each piece. Even the design of the rook stands out with a unique parapet and crenelations. The pawns are wonderfully large making them easy to handle during the game.

The king is 4.25" tall with a 2" wide base and features an ornate finial that is unique from any other chess set in our collection. The pieces are triple-weighted to produce a low-center of gravity and exceptional stability on the chess board. The pieces are padded with thick green baize for a nice cushion when picking up and moving or sliding across the chess board. The pieces are individually hand polished to beautiful luster.

Allow 12 days for shipping. 
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  2. Jade Johnson @Jadeycakes

    Who moves knights first?

  3. Joseph Campbell @HawaiiJoe


  4. Anna @Bi11ie

    You're all idiots. The positions of the knights are not «impossible» at all. It just takes 4 moves to get each knight to that square, so 8 moves total. And I'm not even a chess player.

  5. Robert L S Edsall @R06U3

    @Bi11ie it's great that you figured that out, but I think most people were saying that, as an opening move, it is impossible.

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$1,150 · Wellington Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & African Padauk

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