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  1. roberto maggio @theheartdirector

    Packaging Design by Morey Talmor.

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  2. Ross Thornton-Dibb @rosstd

    If anything I find this fascinating for its comment on all the nasty things we indulge in simply because they are well packaged - legitimized by their outward appearance (think cigarettes and booze...). Why are people freaking out over it glorifying rehabilitation? It's packaging the beginning of the end of addiction in an interesting way. I'm not saying anyone is wrong for being offended by this, it is after all a very edgy bit of subject matter, I just never saw it in that way.

  3. Evan Knudsen @Carrel

    at rosstd - just like this:

  4. Ross Thornton-Dibb @rosstd

    @ carrel - indeed! Both really elegant designs and both for things that can cause a huge amount of harm... Why is no one slamming the JW package for glorifying alcoholism?

  5. R Shelton @R24

    Don't take everything so serious. Damn good design and packaging. Makes me want drugs right now!

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