Creepy shower curtain covered in "blood" Scare your party guests Re-enact the famous "Psycho" scene Color: White/Red Blood Bath Shower Curtains Make Your Bathroom A Horror Movie! When your guests walk into the bathroom and see this shower curtain they will immediately start hearing the theme from "Psycho" in their head. Bloody handprints are an alarming sight no matter how prepared you are. In an era of kiddy scares where everything is in no way creepy, go old school and show everyone what this time of year is supposed to be like. You'll Need A Shower After You Wet Yourself Be careful if you have children in the house. You don't need them knocking on your door every night because you gave them nightmares. This is an great prank that you'll probably want to play on people that are mature enough to handle it. The scare factor is off the charts, so don't be alarmed when you hear shrieks coming from your bathroom. It's just your guests having a mini heart attack. Blood Bath Shower Curtain

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  • December 7, 2015 - December 14, 2015
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  2. Madeline Manor @madelinemanor

    this would go great with the bloody footprint mat. Great for april fools day!!!

  3. Jeff Shaeffer @shaefje

    Designed by Norman Bates

  4. megumi.iizuka.100 @YM2617


  5. Lamo @__bonze

    No that crazy of course yuk wtf that gross 💩 really I'm serious so much

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$25 · Blood Bath Shower Curtain

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