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  2. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    @ksiads: actually same guy walked into another ofc...Interviewer noticed bag/suit/shoes/handshake/personality/not just a resume, but its called a VITAE in pro circles....and he got hired for $100,000/yr SALARY + bonuses + stock options + travel reimbursements + ++ ! Now he's livin 'n W. Palm Beach & drivin a Bentley-Rolls Royce/a Porsche/a Lamborghini & a heck of a custom motorbike! Now what U got to say ksaids! Cause this actually happens in corp. world! Best get smart..er ksaids! See reality!

  3. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    Finest Quality Leather & more expensive leather due to processing. Definitely for the Man who desires a bit more 'ponash' to his business wardrobe! Or he just seeks 'distinction' from the 'wanna be's'. Either way gives 'casual' briefcase style a bit more prestige! GREAT BUY......if U got what it takes to carry it with style, aplomb & an air of 'REAL' confidence!

  4. fruoOm @fruoOm

    love it, I want to buy it how can I buy one?

  5. Jamie Eudora @jamieweddingdress

    Simple but I like this!!

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Forester Briefcase by Bleu de Chauffe

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