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  1. roberto maggio @theheartdirector

    Designed by Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno.

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  2. Patrick Benavides @Pat_rick

    Even if it does not protect you, at least you wont die alone.

  3. bonnie duncan @b0nni3

    Living and growing up in San Francisco, I think this is an awesome idea. But, is something like this only affordable for private schools? Since the majority of private schools have already been retrofitted, I just hope the kids who would most benefit from this product wouldn't be overlooked.

  4. Penny Burley @AmCanGirl

    This reminds me of when we were little kids and my aunt would tell us that she heard on TV that an earthquake was coming. We would huddle under the dining room table for hours just waiting and waiting...Looking back, I guess it was a good way to keep a bunch of rowdy kids under control for a while.

  5. Thomas Zulauf @thomzulu

    wow... very fancy! not.

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Earthquake-proof Table

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