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  1. phil doughan @zymaze

    Based around the 2Gb Impecca MP3 player it plays video, holds pictures, records audio and has an FM radio. The Pocket Music Library hinges open so the player can be removed for charging.

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  2. bonnie duncan @b0nni3

    @bestefas - You do get that this is for things people like, right? As in "Mike took a fancy to the dog" for example. The dog isn't necessarily fancy, Mike just has a fondness for it. It's not just a collection of the lavish or extravagant.

  3. Dylan Propst @dylandisaster

    @b0nni3 thank you!!

  4. bonnie duncan @b0nni3

    @dylandisaster - Sometimes I think there should be a disclaimer somewhere, but then I realize that would just dumb things down. If someone doesn't get it, they should be trying to smart things

  5. Cynthia @yaoilalala


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Steampunk MP3 Player

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