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  2. Amanda Jean Hoskins @mandystar

    r u serious cuz that looks real to me.!?

  3. Jamie-J @InformalJeanius

    Super Creative

  4. Tiffany Rose Dhani @iseekinspiration

    it must be real... its appears as if the artist the has placed pins/nails around the hole and then has weaved wire between the pins to give the appearance of it being stitched up!

  5. Jenkins Leroyson @leroyjenks202

    This is a really interesting shot. It's an intriguing way to fix potholes! I wonder if that would actually work and be durable! Either way, it looks cool! Thanks for sharing. http://www.potholespecialist.com.au

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Pothole Stiching by Dominique Teufen

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