5-gallon aquatic aquarium that provides you with a calming and soothing atmosphere

Easy to set up and maintain

One plug for the integrated filtration system and powerful LED lighting system

Decor tray provides the opportunity change out plants and decorative objects for optimal appearance

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.
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  2. Mateo Pumacahua @pumacahua

    Good tank for shrimp or bettas but not much else. It's small so the temperature shifts quickly and the water evaporates.

  3. Jack Walsh @jack3497

    lol I have it! The little filter thing on it doesn't really work! don't get!!!!

  4. KTbear @kimixx

    guppys would work well in this tank, although they are tropical, so there would have to be a heater!

  5. Kathy Staruska @WallerBean7

    Thanks for the info.... saved me from being disappointed.

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