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  2. William Castillo @will97cast

    sweet! i feel like this could be a DIY project tho. ill try to make one :D

  3. Alexandra Skarsgard @Alexandra87

    yea i, think i could make this for bout 15 bucks awesome tho

  4. Scott Sudman @ProfessorSlender

    Was a bit sketched out about the fact that it says it's a charm and I have no idea what the engraving means to the creator, but then I saw that it's sterling silver. Good (positive) piece of of merchandise, OCCULTER. This is a great concept for DIY charms though, curious as to how it was engraved, as I like its look. Even if you don't believe in this stuff, it's harmless fun to make scribbles on a key that mean something to you.

  5. erika jimenez @erikajimenez


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The Black Key by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons

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