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  2. Jordane Perez @LordJordane

    I had so many troubles with mine, you'd be chocked. Now it's locked in a box and I only use zippo. Duponts lighter are way too expensive whereas they're made of shitty quality.

  3. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    Verdict is in! An overpriced common product with but 1 function that lil more than looks like Fine Quality but is really average quality. But then again company is not trying to sell U on quality as much as on 'elegant APPEAL. Got it now! Primarily designed for the 'ultra riche' or 'wanna be's' markets. But as @woryaj: succintly points out if U just need a light to kill your lungs & heart with tobacco then U can simply use $1.00 BIC lighter! OK!

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Line 8 Matte Black Lighter by ST Dupont

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