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  2. Christos Manos @celetron

    +1 which nikon?

  3. Laurens @larsdesmond

    This would be such an awesome plus for making a cinematic style series I always wanted to do with my photography. Perfect format, nostalgic film. Love It ! @McKie : Think about what you say before you discuss with real photographers. There is no such Nikon and even if there was, than this camera would still be worth 10 times the cost of that Nikon. It's not because you are happy with the results of plastic hipster camera's or add-ons for Nikon cameras that this one isn't worth the investment.

  4. Flowjow @Flowjow

    Has anyone got an idea where to buy that grip? I'll be happy for any advice...

  5. attikspore @attikspore

    I luv that wooden grip ~ where can I buy it?

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Hasselblad Xpan Custom Wood Grip

Fancy 913
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