Try the 50TH Anniversary Recoil Comp Skis by K2 instead.

Inspired by the iconic red, white and blue graphic that catapulted K2 onto a global stage in the early 70’s, the 50th Anniversary Recoil is a tribute to original K2 Comp. Promoted and made famous by the Performers who pioneered the freestyle movement, the 50th Anniversary Recoil continues to push the next generation of the Freestyle movement with a tool designed to attack the entire mountain, park and urban features.

Binding Options: No Binding 

Performance: All-Mountain: 50%, Park: 50% 

Radius: 20m @ 179/ Bi-Directional Taper 

Construction: TwinTech Sidewall Triaxial Braided Fir/Aspen Core 

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$550 · 50TH Anniversary Recoil Comp Skis by K2

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