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  2. Brad schick @HICSFH222

    So I'm looking at this car thinking its way to cool to be a Toyota. And, in fact, it was hand built by Yamaha and designed by German/American Albrecht Goetz - the same guy who designed the BMW 507.

  3. Harry Velasco @harryv

    This was also a James Bond car. Thunderball? Or You Only Live Twice? Not too sure what Bond movie, but twas Sean Connery days.

  4. Tatiana Lopes @tpalhares

    It's gorgeous, and here's more - http://www.autoviva.com/toyota_2000_gt/version/17492

  5. Kyle Malcolm @malcolmkw

    Here's a better picture: http://www.thefancy.com/things/296132715/Toyota-2000GT

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1967 Toyota 2000 GT

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