Watch with the numbers replaced by resulting equations Shower-proof Stylish gift for anyone with a brain Color: Black Battery included You Have All The Time In The World, Try An Equation Watch Are you looking for something to prove you're smarter than everyone? Something stylish and cunning at the same time? Digital watches are for the dim and helpless, get this equation watch and make engage that brain a little more. The best part is that if it's stolen, you will have the last laugh. That common thief had better be a math whiz or this watch is worthless to them! Exercise Your Brain With A Watch That Stretches It Every equation on this intriguingly designed watch equals the number that usually belongs there. The only way to keep your brain from turning to mush is to challenge it on a daily basis. This watch will do just that while showing off your keen sense of fashion as well. Don't be afraid to show off a little bit, if you have the brains, work them out and flaunt them! Is This A Watch For Nerds? If by "nerd" you mean a person with an incredibly intelligent mind and a unique style that is all their own, then yes, this watch is definitely for nerds. If you're looking for a little nerd-chique flavor in your life, then this watch will provide all you are looking for. They also make a fantastic gift for anyone who prides themselves on their intelligence. 


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$36 · Equation Watch

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