1. Massimo Bertola @arredmentibertola

    It is the result of a very simple idea: a sheet folded in half and restrained by light ties, designed to be used as a bookshelf and top. in time, Pab has become a very successful system, and has grown

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  2. Glen Morris @jaxxman

    Agree, like the chair far more than the library. Though object to Arredamentibertola shamelessly plugging their own products on sale in their store. Seems they are using fancy as free advertising.

  3. Massimo Bertola @arredmentibertola

    @jaxxman - The pics we publish depicts, as a matter of facts, some of the products supplied by our brands... we are just sharing some "atmospheres" with our followers... no shame for this! :-)

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Pab Library by Studio Kayros

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