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  2. SL @KEKAI

    Man some of you are dumb. He is not a preacher at all. I know Jason. IC is very ethical. Some of you say it's a scam and tell people to do their research. I live is San Diego, I know a lot of these guys personally an have looked at their financial statements. They are extremely ethical. Don't fall into this culture of hating a successful peace campaign because someone says something bad about it.

  3. Michael Ramsey @michaelramsey

    fact: Kony and his military left Uganda 7 years ago. another fact: Kony died about 5 years ago. It's just to raise money. Buying bands and stickers won't stop anything.

  4. Michael Ramsey @michaelramsey

    don't believe me. I did my research and this Ugandan girl.

  5. kin b @kinray

    how do u know she is telling the truth? she doesnt live there so wht does she know? i dnt believe in the kony campain but actually do research not youtube videos

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