Good‭. ‬Clean‭. ‬Fun‭. ‬ 

A soapdish that will add bubbles of fun to your washing‭.

‬Bubbles is a functional holder for your soaps‭, ‬sponges and scrubbers‭.‬

Dimensions: 15.7x12x2.3 cm

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

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  • February 22, 2016 - March 4, 2016
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  2. Seth St. Giles @sethstgiles

    @Olgawants LoL! You will only encourage me.

  3. Leslie Lizotte @Olgawants

    @sethstgiles I wouldn't want to do that!

  4. Leslie Lizotte @Olgawants

    @sethstgiles LOL!

  5. Chae Won hong @chaewoncelli

    I've purchased this one for a few weeks ago, its never shipped. How can I contact with the seller ?

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$14 · Bubbles Soap Dish

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