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  1. Mehmet Emre Kelesoglu @mehmetxk

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  2. Arsenicabe @arsenicabe

    @lucaciobotaru your stupidity is shocking

  3. James Yega @Money34

    @arsenicabe @lucaciobotaru Now now I understand that his comment can be chocking for you arsenic, and at first sight, it was to me too. However, let's not judge too quickly and understand why he said that. The Ferrari which we see here was designed by Pininfarina, and I think the Aston Martin which Lucas is thinking of is the DB2 Drop Head coupe, from the '50s. And, the designer of this car, Frank Feeley, was inspired by Pininfarina's work at this time. Which means that Feeley actually took some parts of Pininfarina's work, like this Ferrari, to create the DB2. So, it is possible to understand Luca's remark indeed, for both cars have a lot in common!

  4. Arsenicabe @arsenicabe

    @Money34 though yes i also see that it could be mistaken there first of all is a farrari badge clearly seen and he could not spell heaven

  5. James Yega @Money34

    @arsenica I give you that, there's nothing I can say against that

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