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  2. New Money @newmoney

    I have this.. Not really that nice..

  3. Rui Melo @ruimelo

    For $1500 you can get a full canvas bespoke suit from a local tailor, crafted precisely to your body shape and fabrics selected by you. Out of the 5 suits I own, 4 are custom, best way to go.

  4. Jay Ali @fuzz407

    Well if you have the money why not? A suit is an investment piece after all

  5. Oliver P Wilson @oliverpwilson

    I agree with ruimelo, it's not really worth it to spend that kind of money on a suit designed for someone else. I have a Saville Row tailor (not as expensive as you might think) and he is really is so much more effective than something of the peg.

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