1. roberto maggio @theheartdirector

    A 1920's Contessa-Nettel Piccolette transplanted into a Canon 5D by Jason Bognacki.

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  2. Mos Leng @carmos

    Wowowowowowo.... Love vintage...

  3. Tatsuya @Takizawa

    Can someone explain to me what is special about this? I just started to take photography and this type of stuff fascinate me.

  4. roberto maggio @theheartdirector

    @Takizawa an early 19th century folding pocket camera hacked onto a DSLR? what's special about this is that it works. you don't see handmade hybrid camera like this one taking actual pictures often. and shots look beautiful.

  5. Alexandra Lorenzo @TheMagnificentBrownie

    I: how much cause I'm damn well getting one! I freaking love this!

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The 5DMKII View Camera

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