1. Cristina D. @BlacKat

    Voda Swim Double String Bikini Bottoms in Fuchsia Shimmer

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  2. Justine aelvoet @YOMOMA

    @raziz haha I agree !!

  3. Fred Perry @fredperry

    Her right arm by the elbow is almost smaller than her wrist is and the bellybutton is off position from using liquify tool in PS. Her stomach is a bit "to" smooth and her abs seems a bit off as well. I can bet my nipples on that her rack is touched by the hands of PS as well..

  4. Danii Dany @in_my_opinion

    So sexy! Damn! Love it!

  5. Ahmet Seyhan @mondeo


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Hoop String Bikini by Voda Swim

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